Mike Mason

Mike Mason author

As a small child, I dreamed of becoming three things - an artist, an athlete... ...and an astronaut!

From a young age I developed a passion for both the creative and the technical. My early childhood consisted of carefully taking apart my pop-up books to see how they worked, and 'enhancing' my favourite picture books with added notes and drawings.

During my teens I drifted away from my artistic studies to pursue a career in athletics, and I enjoyed some success at county and South of England level. However, my creativity continued to bubble away under the surface and I returned to my studies to complete my MA in Children's Book Illustration in 2013.

I'm not sure I have ever really grown up?

I still love to read picture books, eat lots of chocolate, and to run just for the fun of it! But most of all, I love to create fantastic picture books for all to enjoy.

Oh, and I'm still working on becoming an astronaut!