Steve Antony

Steve Antony author

Although I was born in England, I spent much of my growing-up years in a city in New Mexico called Alamogordo. I was the kid with the British accent that liked to draw. I liked writing too, and I entered quite a lot of writing contests. I don't recall winning any, but I do remember coming third for a county contest for my very first homemade picture book, 'The Adventurous Knight', a story inspired by one of my favourite arcade games of the '80s. In my early teens, I was a comic book geek - I stopped making picture books and started making comic books. Sadly, most of those drawings and stories were lost during my move back to England in the '90s.

I went on to study art and graduated with an HND in Illustration from Swindon College. With my arty qualifications I did what many artists have to do: I found myself a 'real job', which, for me, was working in a call centre. The days turned to years, and although I never lost sight of my ambition of earning a living as an artist, I didn't know quite how to get there. Several years later, I was made redundant, which afforded me the opportunity to apply for a place on the MA Children's Book Illustration at Anglia Ruskin, and I haven't looked back since.

I ploughed my heart and soul into the MA, and as a result, I learned a great deal about sequential illustration - and myself. I was finally able to find satisfying ways to do the two things I love to do most - writing and drawing - at the same time. I graduated in 2013, and while on the course, I created several picture books. Some of them are going to be published.

Currently, I am working on future publications. I am also working on new texts, story ideas, and character concepts, which is what I often do in my spare time anyway. My pile of loose drawings, tatty sketchbooks, notepad scribbles, and newspaper clippings continues to grow into a small mountain of stories in my little Swindon studio.